The final one.

2 Feb

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BRRR…it’s cold in here.

2 Feb

An Australian January involves slipping on a shirt, a pair of shorts and some thongs.

A North American January, however, involves a few more layers.

Underwear and ankle socks. Singlet tucked into tights. Thin socks over tights. Long sleeve tshirt tucked into jeans. Woolen socks over jeans. [Depending on how close the temperature is to zero] A thin/thick jumper over tshirt. Scarf. Beanie. Coat. Boots. Gloves. Check.

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A freshman-fifteen fatty.

20 Jan

I love food. I love food so much that i miss Australian food probably more than i should. I love food so much that despite many attempts, i have succumbed to the aptly named ‘freshman fifteen.’

Before i left Sydney i was determined not to get fat. I told myself i wouldn’t finish my plates. I told myself i’d drink water not soft drink/soda/pop. I told myself that i’d use the gym less than 100 metres from my apartment.

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12 Jan

I’ve been getting asked where i was, where i am and where i’m going so here goes:

August 9th – 14th Waikiki, Hawaii with Mum

August 14th – 17th Greenville, North Carolina at East Carolina University

December 17th – 23rd Charlotte, North Carolina with Sara and Mackenzie

December 23rd – 28th Baltimore, Maryland with Becca and the Hartman’s.

December 28th – January 6th New York, New York with Mads, Rachel and AJ

January 6th – 11th Boston, Massachusetts

January 11th Niagara Falls, New York

January 12 – 13th Toronto, Ontario with Phil and Kim Deck

January 14th – 15th Peterborough, Ontario with Jen and Marcus

January 16th – 17th Toronto, Ontario with Roger and Marie-Josee Deck

January 17th – 21st Vancouver, British Columbia with Yorkston’s.

January 21st – 26th? Seattle, Washington with the Thompson’s

January 26th? – 31st Portland, Oregon

January 1st Waikiki, Hawaii

January 2nd Home Sweet Home.

Thank you for those praying for my safe travels. I thank God daily for his provision of continued safety and abundance of life.

Please continue to pray for me, my journey and those i meet.

I’m just a small town girl.

12 Jan

The big apple. America’s Mecca. City of dreams. Crossroads of the world. The city that never sleeps.

And otherwise known as New York City.

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Oh say can you see?

10 Jan

If there’s one thing that continues to amaze me here in the US, it’s pride – American Pride. Whether its flying the stars and stripes in one’s front yard, or removing one’s hat and placing a hand over one’s heart whilst singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ or the huge support military personnel receive in airport lines, sporting games or like today – my Navy tour guide onboard USS Constitution, the reverence of the American people put Australians to shame – no, ‘Aussie Pride’ and Southern Cross tattoos don’t cut it.

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T’was 2 days before Christmas.

28 Dec

T’was two days before Christmas, when all across Charlotte,
Not a plane was leaving with Mel in a spot.
Her bags were packed and tickets pre-purchased,
But there she sat in the airport at her saddest.

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Up, up and away!

22 Dec

I am not afraid of flying, in fact, i love it. Every take off i’m like a little kid staring out the window watching people quickly morph into ants, buildings into lego and eventually moisture droplets into tiny ice crystals. Yet despite my childish fascination and a total of nine flights [See appendix 1] by the time i return home, i have visited enough aeroplane museums and memorials here to last me a lifetime.

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Giving Thanks.

20 Dec

I like to think i’m thankful everyday. I’m thankful to God for the food in my stomach, the friends around me and at the moment, four months of continued safety. But in America, thankfulness is reserved for one in the year: the fourth Thursday in November.

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Why all the fuss? I just didn’t want my hat to get wet.

16 Nov

Jimmy Callaway left his apartment prepared this morning. Despite his window showing a clear blue fall sky and his iPhone showing it was already 20-degrees outside, he grabbed his fawn cowboy hat off the hook near the door, slapped it on his head, before finally grabbing his black umbrella – thunderstorms were forecast for this afternoon. ┬áHe slid the umbrella into his book bag, locked the door and stepped out onto the street. With plenty of time before his 10am class, he leisurely strolled down the street toward campus; little did he know the stir his rain-readiness would cause.

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